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About Jane’s Kitchen

To us at Jane’s Kitchen, food has always been about comfort; the preparation and eating together is all about family, friends and love. We believe sharing a meal should be one of the joys of the day and we aim to provide products for all tastes to add to the enjoyment.

About 4 years ago the opportunity arose to share our passion and belief in the food produced in our home environment. Our desire is to produce a range of premium handmade food products free of all additives and colourings. Wherever possible we use locally sourced ingredients, to support like minded businesses within the community

Our love of food has encouraged us to be creative with ingredients, creating new products that have become firm favorites with our customers.

We regularly attend Farmers and local Markets at Abingdon, Newbury, Gloucester Green, Oxford and Headington in Oxford plus our local Newbury and Hungerford Food Festivals. At these venues we sell a wide range of seasonal meat and vegetarian pies, pasties, chilled and frozen meals also a range of delicious puddings such as sticky toffee and chocolate brownies