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Vegetarian Moroccan Spiced Pie

Vegetarian Ready Meals – Moroccan Spiced Pie

Butternut Squash roasted in cumin and coriander with spinach, honey, pistachios, almonds and cranberries, layered with home made hummus in a filo pastry wrap.

Product Ingredients

Butternut Squash, Shallots, chick peas, cumin seeds, coriander seeds, paprika, cinnamon, pistachios, almonds, fresh ginger, cranberries, ground cumin, water, lemon juice, filo pastry, rape seed oil, honey, garlic, butter, salt and pepper.

Cooking Instructions

Cook from frozen at 170c, gas mark 4 for 40 mins, when cooked melt a little butter in a pan add the nuts and fry gently until a little bit brown then add a teaspoon of honey and pour over the pie.

Special Instructions

Store at -18c

Vegetarian Moroccan Spiced Pie